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May 1 – Rachel’s Day/Women’s BOLD Sunday
May 5 – 6pm  Ascension Worship Service
May 9 – 6:00 pm Council Meeting
May 14 – 1:00 pm Ray Guizzetti memorial service
May 15 – Choir presentation of Schubert’s Mass in G
May 15 – Synod Bishop Assistant, The Rev. James Graeser, Jr. will be preaching and  meeting with Council following worship
May 16 – Justice Team Meeting
May 21 – Men’s monthly breakfast 8:30 am at Skyway Diner
May 22 – Church Picnic @ Campbell Park
May 29 – Band of Angels Meeting
May 30 – Holiday-church office closed



This year, Trinity with host a worship service on Ascension Day, Thursday, May 5th, at 6 p.m. The members of St. Andrew Lutheran Church will join us for this festive event, celebrating the fact that Jesus came to us from heaven in order to save us and reconcile us back to God and that, when that work was completed, Jesus returned to heaven—whether we think of heaven as "up there," "out there," or simply "beyond." 


Sunday Morning Bible Study

Pastor Paul and Deacon Lynne are leading a class called "End of the World Bible Study." which will look at the book of Revelation and other places where the Bible talks about the "end times."

We’ll look at the stories of the Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire and brimstone. We’ll spend some time with the Old Testament prophets Ezekiel and Daniel. If we’re feeling very brave, we’ll dip into the not-so-scriptural book of 2 Esdras that is a part of the "apocryphal" Bible books that informed first-century Jewish thinking. We’ll explore what Jesus and St. Paul had to say about the world ending. And only then, with all of that as a foundation, will we try to decipher the often-misunderstood book of Revelation.


   breakfast1.jpg              breakfast2.jpg

For several years now, Trinity has hosted a Saturday morning breakfast to feed the homeless and hungry who arrive each week.  For many years, Trinity not only provided a place for the breakfast, but provided strong financial support as well.  Although the financial support from Trinity is not current, the breakfast is sponsored by Celebrate Outreach, a combined group of area churches and interested people whose goal it is to end and prevent homelessness in our city. 

Each week, many people from the homeless community and volunteers from churches gather beginning  at 6 AM to prepare the breakfast.  Two egg casseroles are prepared one with meat and one without.  Grits and homemade biscuits are also Served as well as fruit when it is available.  The Publix supermarket on 38th Ave. N. and 66th St. also donates outdated breads and pastries to fill out the menu.  Of course, coffee is also made and fruit juice is also available.  Each week between 150 and 200 people are nourished from this ample breakfast.  Christ has urged us to feed the hungry and by our participation in this program, we are following his command. 

When the food is exhausted, the volunteers begin to clean up Redeemer Hall and all the tables are wiped down and the floor is mopped and the kitchen is also given a thorough cleaning so that there is little evidence that the hall has been used.  We begin preparation at 6 AM and members of Trinity are welcome to come help or observe any time.  Donations to defray costs are still very welcomed as well. 

Pastor Tom Snapp

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about-reconciling-in-christ.jpgTrinity is a "Reconciling in Christ" Congregation in the ELCA.

Welcoming all people without regard to race, family or economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or differing abilities.



Our Mission at Trinity is very simple: Sharing Christ’s Love through Welcoming, Worshiping, Learning, and Serving.  We take great joy and satisfaction in working within the community, and welcoming all who wish to worship with us.

Come Join us this Sunday: Trinity Lutheran is located in the downtown area of Saint Petersburg, a block from the Coliseum and the Senior Center. Parking is available in three lots and on the street.


Our Missionary, John Lund



Trinity Lutheran Church
401 5th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701